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How do I book a party or event?

Fill out a contact form or create a reservation here.

How do I know the game truck can come to my house?

Our skilled drivers are trained to safely navigate most reasonably flat residential & commercial settings. Should your location include hills and or rough terrain you can divert us to a nearby park, church, or business parking lot.

Will the kids know what to do?

That’s why we bring our Game Coach to every event! He/She helps the kids along, inspires and instructs. We make sure it’s the party of the year!

Should I be concerned about the types of games for kids?

We will discuss the party and games with you prior to arrival. We have many different age appropriate games for all levels of party-goers.


If you have such concerns, inform the Game Coach upon arrival and he/she will make sure that the gaming is appropriate. Otherwise, the Game Coach will follow the lead of the guest(s) of honor and make sure they are having the time of their lives!

What about bad weather?

We come rain or shine, — The Video Game Theater is climate controlled -with heating and air conditioning. As long as it is safe for us to drive, we’ll be there. Should there be severe weather, (ie tornado, snow, ice, etc), your event will be rescheduled to the next available date/time agreed upon with no penalty.

Where can I view your official policies?

Rolling Video Games STC's official policies can be viewed at the bottom of the Booking page.

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